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Age Of God - King Of Olympus

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There are many different gods, gods and demigods in the stories of ancient Greek mythology, but none of them complete this program like Zeus. Raytheon and the god of the sky are the main characters of Mount Olympus and the supervisors of all other gods, known for their power, fatherly nature and occasional temper! This slot machine reveals the most powerful attributes of all these omnipotent immortal characters, and depicts Zeus as a gray-haired saint with superhuman strength and strength, observing the rest of the reels with firm and guaranteed authority. The rest of the scrolls contain many artifacts and objects of ancient Greek culture, such as clay vases, golden lyre and spectacular sailboats. However, the most beautiful icons depict a stunning eagle (usually used as a symbol of Zeus) and the flying horse Pegasus, who serve Zeus by providing lightning to Olympus.