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Age of God - God of Storm

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The jackpot associated with the Age of God: The God of the Storm is not difficult to achieve, it wins opportunities for everyone. There are currently four types of cumulative rewards: power, extra power, super power and ultimate power. Even the Greek gods are jealous! This progressive jackpot can rotate the random reward at any cost; however, the chance to earn this random jackpot increases as the bet increases. If you have a crush on the gods and you happen to encounter this jackpot, you will be taken to a separate screen. On the screen, you will see the coins appear in a grid. Your job is to choose three coins until you have three coins. Don't worry, there are no tricks here - you will definitely win! The jackpot will increase as the number of minutes increases, so be sure to invest in a healthy bet to get this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.