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God Of Wealth

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For gameplay, the slot uses the same method as most RTG versions. The jackpot is removed in the upper right corner, providing a considerable victory for those who are fortunate enough to get it, but for most people, the game will be lucky to win those free spins and place them through Wild. Undoubtedly, these will be the biggest earners outside of the jackpot, because the special features work, the winning potential is quite high, if you succeed in connecting some of them together, you can go further than you come in. It is.

The bonuses involved are fairly simple - Wilds can replace symbols other than Scatters, and three or more Scatters reward some free spins. What makes the extra turn stand out is the interaction of Wilds with other symbols - that is, once Wild appears on the third reel and the free spin is active, the Dragon, Tiger and Ox symbols will be replaced by the same Wild, allowing the gambler to connect the Wilds Win some very good victories together, although it naturally takes a bit of luck. The luckiest thing is that you can complete five Wilds wins, which is the biggest victory in the God of Wealth.