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There are some Playtech slots that really caught me. One is the visually superb Gladiator Slot, but in terms of gameplay, the Great Blue slot is my favorite. The beauty of Great Blue has two aspects: First, you can get some good victories in normal games because it stacks wild on each reel. Secondly, you can get up to 23 rotations and 10 multipliers in the free spin bonus, which can be great for stacking wildness. The great blue is a very high difference slot, but so it needs attention, not a bet too big. It can last for a long time with cold stripes - I often make 500 rotations without bonuses - but when Great Blue pays the price! I have won at least 500 times the free spin bonus multiple times, although you have to wait, when you get a 10x multiplier and some stacked wild land, the Great Blue slot is one of your best online slots in OCV Found in the free slot - actually one of the best places!