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Since monkeys are wild games, they bring a lucky way to move symbols to create a combination, but with Triple Monkey they go further than this. They will cause a re-spin, but not just any re-spins, a rotation that promises to win.

To achieve this, you need to get two complete monkey wild animal rolls, which is difficult in itself, but when this happens, the remaining reels will accelerate until you win. Think of it as hard work and perseverance, because you will have to try to make Monkey Re rotation happen many times, and even then, you may never be lucky. But we can hope.

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The five reels are large and the same sense of scale extends to the icon itself. Since almost all buttons are pink (rotated to red), it is gratifying that some icons have different colors. There is no music either. The odds table is purple, showing all 15 paylines in graphical form.

You can play any line between 1 and 15, and any of the 10 round numbers between £1 and £10, which is very easy to change. In addition, you can also participate in credit bets of 0.01, 0, 05, 0.10, 0.35. 0.50, 1.0, 2.00 and 5.00, the currency unit is Sterling Sterling. If you click on the Bet Max button, it will be £750. You can also use autostart for up to 99 rotations. There are no digital landmarks, so if you want a higher number, you will press a lot of plus buttons. And you can't change from 99 to 1, so if you change your mind, there will be a lot of minus signs.

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Everyone loves bonus games, this is an exciting game that doesn't download games. All you have to do is place the hammer in the center of each reel and spell out the word "Bonus." This can be done by a separate rotation. When you do this, you will be taken to another screen with the red-haired Viking attached to a large board. You will be asked to choose to throw his belongings. The items offered are chicken, eggs, axe, hammer and tomato. You need to provide 10 shots, 7 of which should hit the target. Provide a multiplier per click.

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The payment form is full of tribal inspirational symbols, led by a golden mask representing Wild. It can replace all other symbols to form a better winning combination. Select the value of the coin you wish to bet per round by clicking the Bet One or Bet Max button (maximum limit of 5) and then rotating the reel. After the reels have stopped, select the ones to freeze by clicking the Hold button below the reels, then rotate the unheld buttons again.

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The game will draw your attention and make you eager to win prizes, whether it's a bonus or a fight for non-cumulative bonuses available here. It's very easy to play, and the thrill of a huge victory is another attractive feature. Whether it's a high roller or a novice, you can find plenty of fascinating moments when you are immersed in the game.

See White King in this Playtech video slot, you have 5 reels, 40 paylines. You can win a heavy victory, fortunately you hold hands. This game is a big difference, so you can expect a truly profitable victory. When playing a game, you can use Turbo mode for fast games. The graphics are amazing, so you can also enjoy visual enjoyment. The payline can change, so the bet on the floor may be just a small part of each line, and the highest bet may be too high, which is a very big bet for this non-progressive slot machine.

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The slot doesn't have any bonus features, but you can get some pretty cash prizes with its scatter icon. The four scatter icons on the screen bring 2 bets, while the 9 scatters on the display bring 1,000 bets.

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Start the game by choosing a bet. Use the Line Stake's - and + buttons to adjust the overall bet. You cannot adjust the number of active paylines. Click "Rotate" to start the game, or use the "AutoPlay" button to place multiple bets without interruption. If you want to stay in the wild, you can click "Lock and Rotate", but you must pay for this privilege.

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