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Not satisfied with Disney's monopoly on Pocahontas and its story, 918kiss released The Discovery, a five-axis slot machine affected by the story. The whimsical illustrations of fairy tales are gone forever, and have been replaced by more dimensional graphics, a theme that is more comprehensive and adult.

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The ancient Chinese war is coming, and you are invited to participate in the most epic battles for the survival of your clan.

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Ready to play a game that can only be described as DINOmite? We will send you back to the Jurassic era when the dinosaurs ruled the planet. A powerful Tyrannosaurus Rex may be at the top of the food chain, but if you are not noticed, you will be greedy for wealth, because T-Rex is full of golden treasures, and there are life rewards around each corner. The 25-line slot machine game includes wild symbols to help you win more often, and a jackpot that puts a fierce reward on your knees when you least expect.

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Thunderbolt in the 918Kiss is one of the most popular 918Kiss SCR888 slot games. You need to guess which of the six monkeys is the fastest, which monkey is the second to climb the sky. See how they are trying to climb, how cute!

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Triple Twister is a 5-reel video slot developed by RTG with an impressive 50 paylines. The tornado has wiped the reels and threatened livestock and farmers. Turning real-life disasters into an online video slot full of rewards and wealth, Triple Twister is not as distorted as it sounds.

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You can win prizes, including Jack Hawkins and Long John Silver, including over-the-top bonus games such as stacked wild treasure chests, scattered compasses, pirate attacks, island jumps and treasure hunt bonuses.

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Unleash the explorers who live in each player and start a unique adventure at sea, a virtual voyage that you won't soon forget.

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