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Behind the reel grid you can see the immortal Las Vegas Strip, which itself is the kind of light bulb that surrounds the artist's mirror. We can identify the part of the simulated Eiffel Tower and Bellagio that belong to Las Vegas, Paris. The title of the game appears above the reel, and the "A" in the CAT is depicted by the cat's ear logo. In the upper right corner, players can view the current jackpot. The slot has an RTP of 92%, which is actually quite low.

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If you want to play any online casino slot machine video game, you might expect a functional UI. Otherwise, it won't be very interesting. The Bermuda Triangle is a fine example of a good slot machine game design. First of all, the Bermuda Triangle has a real old school atmosphere, reminiscent of the original casino slot machine that came back that day. The three reels take place on the center screen to ensure that your focus is where it belongs. There is information on the right side of the reel to help guide you through the game. All symbols used in the Bermuda Triangle are similar to deep-sea creatures. So when the reels spin, sharks, dolphins, octopuses and the famous Amelia Earhart biplane will land in front of your eyeliner.

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Magic Slots is a three-axis game with just one payline, letting you know where to go from kick-off to the present. Magic is also the subject of this slot, although you may not realize it if you look too close. The background of the reel is a luxurious red curtain, and the payment form is unfolded on the purple reel in the upper part of the screen.

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