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These heavenly girls also have styles because their hair, bikinis and wings have a color match; how can they become a trend? The setting is simple but suitable for the theme, the scrolls lie on the fluffy white cloud bed, and the blue sky is visible in the distance. In this lofty position, everything is calm and serene - until the sly angels race for your pulse! On the reel, you will find beautiful behemoths, harp, reels and treasure chests along with other symbols. With such a perfect picture, you are almost unwilling to destroy it by spinning the reels!

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The highest-paid symbol here is a 5-character symbol, starting with the main villain - brother Sum - and ending with a Chinese female landlord. Between these roles, when you get 5 matching symbols on the payline, you can earn 10 to 50 times the payline bet for 3 symbols and up to 200-500x for the line bet. The ad slot also has a set of 6 object symbols, all of which are 3 times the combination of 3 lines, but the different 5 symbol rewards range from 50x to 100x. When it comes to special features, there are some slots available, starting with the wild symbol that represents Sing - the protagonist of the movie. This cash-bearing character card can only appear on reels 3, 4 and 5 and will replace any symbol in the payment table to trigger a win instead of a scatter symbol. If it appears on the screen during a free spin, it can also add a winning multiplier.

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In order to form a winning combination, the wild (Gnomes) symbol replaces all other symbols on the reels, prohibiting the dispersal of symbols (castle). Then multiply the scattered victory by the total bet you bet. Related to the wild, there is one, it only appears on the reel 1, which is quite stupid to tell the truth. However, it did win with a multiplier of up to 5 times. Note that scatter does not trigger the free spin function, but only provides scatter plots when two or more are placed on the reels. Sometimes frustrating, especially if you are used to 3 or more games that spoil the free spin mode.

How to trigger free spin mode? When the wild (Gnomes) pops up the reel 1, it will be triggered when the treasure chest appears on the reel 5. The number of goblins determines the number of wins for the multiplier during the free spin. The first free spin multiplier is a goblin that throws a ball on reel 1. The benefit of this feature is that it can be re-triggered, giving you an extra 10 free spins. If you are lucky enough to trigger it, then the number of goblins is always 5, which is similar to a victory of 5 times the multiplier.

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